Babydoll BSC

Babydoll BSC

What they say:

Do you like HENTAI? The Deflationary Defi token sweetening your adult entertainment experience.

Full Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

Babydoll is a brand new token that encourages investors to buy and hold: porn giveaways will be made on a daily basis to holders. Their short term goal is to reach a high market cap encouraging investors to buy more and hold by rewarding them with giveaways on their favorite porn platform. As they raise enough funds, they’ll implement the first hentai nft marketplace, where investors will be able to pay for hentai nft through $BabyDoll tokens.




There is a 10 % fee on every transaction. The fee is distributed as follows;

5 % is redistributed to all holders

2 % is put aside for marketing and promotion

3 % is burnt(hot burn, where tokens are removed completely from existence)


The code is well written, and everything does what it should. There was only one thing we reacted on and that was what follows:

Note that this function is public. This means that all message senders(msg.sender – meaning all who have interacted with the contract, for example bought or sold tokens) can burn their own tokens.

We do not see this as a risk of any sort, just an odd anomaly. When we asked the dev if there was any intent with this function being public, he responded that there wasn’t – but that the snippet was copied from another contract - which is very usual.

There is a risk that calling this function could result in a pcs desync error – which would temporarily disable trading. If this happens, its easy to solve, anybody(since it is public) can then call the sync function of the contract. It is done here:

1. Go to Holders hen click PancakeSwap V2: BABYDOLL 2
2. Click Write Contract then find the Sync function


  • 10,000,000,000,000,000 was the initial supply. For the duration of this audit, the supply was 9,250,825,930,538,750 due to the fact that the hot burn decreases the supply.

  • 28.26 % are burned(ordinary burn; tokens sent to 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead)

As can be seen on the list, there are some holders that appear to look very large. This is mainly due to the fact that Babydoll bsc have hotburned(actually decreases supply – unlike regular burns) a significant amount of tokens. They also have a very large part of their supply at pcs. Many tokens have as little as below 1 % of their token supply at pcs. The relevance of wallet holder %(as a risk factor) is relative to how large the pcs supply is. If the pcs supply is 1 %, a holder with 2 % of the supply could drain all liquidity from pcs. With a pcs supply of 21.8 % - as in this case, a wallet holding 11 % cant do that.

Holder 3 is tokens in the teams control, parts of it are used for community airdrops(estimated to be around 30 % of the wallets content) and the rest is to be locked and kept for a future CEX listing once this is done.

Holder 4 is a whale, he have bought all his tokens at pcs and have also done some airdrops out of his own wallet to incentivize shilling. Dude seam to love hentai…

Holder 5 is tokens from the presale at DXSale that haven’t been claimed yet

Holder 6 is their marketing wallet

Overall, the token distribution makes sense and is healthy. The wallet nr 3 not being locked is a theoretical risk – but as the devs are doxxed(one even to the public) – we see this as a very minor issue.


Babydoll bsc is a token focused on Hentai and are going to build a hentai platform where you can buy hentai NFTs with their tokens – and their marketing efforts are mainly directed to hentai oriented people. They already have a bunch of hentai Instagram ambassadors(as seen on there website, shown below)

The Babydoll Ambassadors

They have also initiated a cooperation with this instagram page:

They are currently searching for more ambassadors and are also aiming to get listed on both CG, CMC and at least one central exchange(hence they have tokens dedicated to that purpose)

Besides of this, they will also do the regular stuff such as banners on poocoin, cooperation with tiktokers etc.


Doxxed devs:

The devs at Babydoll bsc have doxxed to us and one of them is also publicly doxxed. This is the greatest safety measure that can be taken in this space in our opinion. You can easily make money without being doxxed so why bother with doxxing if one intend to scam people – and risk both legal consequences and personal vendetta.

Here is the admin Prani’s (@prani95 TG handle) Instagram and Linkedin profiles.


TG -


Twitter: @babydoll_BSC

Audit Result

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Audit type:

Full Audit

Audit status:


This token is original and directed towards a public im not very familiar with(people who likes Hentai) so I have a hard time to evaluate the potential in that direction. However, I personally like the saying “If you try to be everything for everybody, you end up being nothing for no one” and likes the originality of their idea and the fact that they do aim to reach a specific target audience. Its also a space where I think NFTs makes more sense than it does for every other memecoin that have NFT marketplace in their roadmap. One of the devs being official and doxxed also weights heavy in a market where scammers are everywhere and where trust is a hard currency. We didn’t find any exploits in the code and the token distribution makes sense. This token passes our audit.

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