What they say:

"Combining awesome tokenomics such as rewards in $Doge, and anti bot protection – with utility NFTs and a coming online Casino, which all NFT holders become co owners of – we are aiming to surpass all the lame doges out there. For every 2 BNBs worth of tokens at presale rate, one get a free NFT mint. "

Full Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

The project has an interesting concept. Besides a funny meme concept featuring Jeff Bezos and his Doge, there are also some promising features such as rewards in Doge and a lambo lottery(where a wallet accumulates doge until there is enough doge to pay for a lambo - then, a lambo will be bought and handed out to a random holder)

The primary USP with this token is probably that they are going to host a metaverse casino where $BeDoge is the main currency. A NFT collection will be launched and all holders of the first 1000 OG NFTs will become a co-owner of this casino. The NFT holders also get commercial rights to the brand Bezos Doge.

All who invests 2 BNB in the presale and continiously hold that amount until the minting date will get one of these NFTs for free - and everyone who hold that amount(equal to 2 BNBs worth at presale price) will also get it.

When the NFT sale is finished, a part of the income will go to buying and burning $BeDoge - which could be a price moving event of high calibre.

Comments: The project is very ambitious and if it successfully executes - we believe it can perform very well. We are generally skeptical about grandious visions so we asked a lot of questions related to the metaverse casino, to get an idea about the probability of it really happening vs "just being a gimmick" and we actually recieved proof of constructive dialogue between one of the Bezos Doge team members and a C level person at a big and reputable online casino.




Comments: The token distribution is reasonable and makes sense. However, a pretty significant amount of the token supply will be in control of the devs. To mitigate this risk factor they have decided to lock tokens and set up a vesting scheme. The exact set up of the distribution wasnt decided for the duration of this audit.


The code is a fork of BabyCake. It is well written and does what it should. We identified no logical errors, typos or malicious functions.

What is worth mentioning is that the changeable fees are pretty flexible, they can be set up to 25 %

function setTokenRewardsFee(uint256 value) external onlyOwner {
       tokenRewardsFee = value;
       totalFees = tokenRewardsFee.add(liquidityFee).add(marketingFee);
       require(totalFees <= 25, "Total fee is over 25%");

   function setLiquiditFee(uint256 value) external onlyOwner {
       liquidityFee = value;
       totalFees = tokenRewardsFee.add(liquidityFee).add(marketingFee);
       require(totalFees <= 25, "Total fee is over 25%");

   function setMarketingFee(uint256 value) external onlyOwner {
       marketingFee = value;
       totalFees = tokenRewardsFee.add(liquidityFee).add(marketingFee);
       require(totalFees <= 25, "Total fee is over 25%");

However, this is better than with most smart contracts featuring fees - since the vast majority of them have no limit at all = which means that the fees can be set so high that trading is disabled(either by fees consuming all of it, or through breaking the logic)



The marketing strategy initially consists of multiple AMAs, post in caller groups, banners and various twitter activities. The team will also focus on building a strong shill army and have tokens dedicated to reward shillers for performing their tasks.

One of the team members has a proven track record of being a talanted crypto marketeer.

The main growth tactic will however be execution, "Build it and they will come". They plan to acchieve multiple milestones early on and always have a "next big thing" scheduled in a close future.


Two of the team members have KYC:ed to us.

In terms of skills and background, one of them have worked within the online casino business for the last decade and have both knowledge about and connections within the industry.

Besides from that, one of the team members have been a full time crypto marketeer for over a year.

The CEO of the project have a background as entreprenaur.

Audit Result

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Audit type:

Full Audit

Audit status:


This token passes our audit. The code is safe, two team members have KYC:ed to us and the token allocation is reasonable. The only factor we see some theoretical risk in, and that we couldnt evaluate during this audit(since it wasnt decided yet) is the tokens in the teams control and how many of the that will be locked, and for how long. We believe that this token has big potential and that it all will come down to execution.

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