Crying Jordan

Crying Jordan

What they say:

Crying Jordan aims to be the sole token of all sports fans, meme lovers, and everyone else who wants to participate in a fully transparent community!

Full Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

Be a Legend, Join the League!

Crying Jordan is a community and self-declared memetoken with the supposed utility to use JORDAN to buy NFTs, and sportswear through their platform. The implementation of the autoswap-feature (Tokens to BNB) inside the contract assures that no big sells of tokens resolve from the marketing fee. Furthermore, the Buyback-feature aims to stabilize the price, to reduce the impact of big sells.




On every transaction, there is a transaction fee at 13%:

3% redistribution to all holders

6% free throw (Buyback after every 3rd sell)

4% marketing (converted to BNB)


JORDAN is an OLMUSKY-fork, which was also developed by Critical Roll, with some adjustments. There are no malicious functions inside the contract. As stated above, however there are functions(2) That could potentially disable trading.

JORDAN makes use of an autoswap to BNB feature very similar to the one in OLMUSKY. The contract

collects a percentage of tokens - 4% for marketing and 6% for the Buyback - from every transaction

and stores them on itself. As soon as the tokens reach a certain limit, the contract will swap a specified number of tokens to BNB. The BNB are then split into and to 2/5 are sent to a marketing wallet.

The remaining 3/5 are used to buy JORDAN to stabilize the price. Said tokens are then burned or rather sent to a dead-address. – line 707: functionTransferMarketingAndBuyBack (uint256 amount)

Reassuring to note is line 955: function setRouterAddress(address newRouter) which provides the team possibility to migrate to another Uniswap-router if necessary, without the need of a new contract (e.g.PCS V1 -> PCS v2)

There is a known bug to line 649: function includeInReward(address account) if called to an previously excluded address it will lead to reflection token loss to potentially all holders. This function should never be called on an already running contract. Read more about this bug here Confronting the team, they clarified that only accounts that eventually have zero balance would ever be included into rewards which will not expose the issue in this bug.



The top holder is a locked wallet containing 17.25 % or the total supply. It contains the team tokens(10 %) and 5 % dedicated to MichaelJordan(who CryingJordan team are trying to reach, so that he can receive these tokens)

The 2nd biggest holder is the pcs supply

The 3rd biggest holder is the burn address

The top holder holds more tokens then the pcs supply, which means that it has the potential to drain all or at least most of the BNBs from the liquidity – it is however locked, so that risk is eliminated for the duration of the lock period.

10% locked up for 2 month vesting 4 times (unlock Aug. 28th 21

E9b70c86000E0D8a6D81A94&type=tokenlock&chain=BSC ) 1

5% dedicated Michael Jordan wallet locked for 23 (unlock Dec. 6th 21

f67CbC27476F7c5Ed72ab22&type=tokenlock&chain=BSC ).

 15 % of the tokens are also distributed to the team members. 8 % out of those are locked.

LP Tokens

LP tokens are “keys” you get when you provide liquidity. With those, you can access the liquidity(the BNBs and tokens at pancakeswap). If those aren’tlocked, the BNBs can be removed from the liquidity – which would make a token worthless. To remove all BNBs, you need to hold 100 % of the LP tokens. If you hold 5 % of the LP tokens, you can remove 5 % of the BNBs from pancakeswap.

The top holder of LP tokens is a Dx lock wallet holding 90 % of the LP tokens. Those are locked until 12th of august 2021.

This make sense since you usually don’t want to lock the LP tokens fortoo long in the beginning, before you are sure that everything regarding thec ontract works as intended. If something breaks, you can just migrate to a new contract and move the liquidity to it – if the LP unlocked. If the LP tokens are locked for 100 years or something and the contract breaks, there is nothing to be done, the investors will then have lost their investments.

Since this contract works, it makes sense to have a longer lock timepost 12th of august.

The second largest holder is the contract deployer. The reason for why the contractdeployer holds LP tokens is because he added extra liquidity post the presale

The remaining LP token holders are investors who for some reason choose to provide liquidity


CryingJordan have a daily voicechat, are working with influencers(crypto messiah being oneof them), are making customized merch(using crying jordan as a currency for theshop)
They also have the wallet with 5 % of the token supply, dedicated to MichaelJordan and are making sport merch like Nike and Air Jordan crypto accessible.


1894273919@siddiqsol, Gregory - Commissioner Jordan - Project lead

1815002247@Skizzy09, Steve - Skizzy Mcskizzingnton – Marketing and Community Mgmt.

Development- Critical Roll

Audit Result

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Audit type:

Full Audit

Audit status:


This token passes our audit. We couldn’t find any exploits in the code and the biggest token holder is a locked wallet. One of the devs being doxxed to us also brings a lot of comfort. They are going to launch a pretty original concept, a webshop that sells Nike products where you can pay with cryingjordan tokens. We believe that this is an interesting project with a lot of potential

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