What they say:

Our decentralized financial services designed and developed based on powerful artificial intelligence technology and accurate mathematical calculations will be used to achieve our purpose, and all of our activities will be used to provide wealth, convenience and satisfaction to users.

Full Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

What is Balto?- Balto is the bravest dog ever and he came back to the crypto world. A century ago, Balto saved the town of Nome, but this CryptoBalto is set out to save all holders and give them a bright future. HODL! Holders will experience everything in the crypto world. CryptoBalto community will be epic and filled with Balto's Heroism and soul.

The mission is to provide a secure, profitable and reliable DApp, with the ambition to make every customers life easier and happier.

CryptoBalto is a DApp set for all cryptocurrency users - with the lowest fees and a user-friendly interface.

The CryptoBalto Echosystem


Decentralized exchange platform based on artificial intelligence that is built to help users to exchange assets at best rate.


Decentralized yield farming aggregator which help users can get profit by only knowing stake and harvest.


Decentralized token management service aiming to solve the trust issue between investors, owners and developers.


BaltoMarket provides a chance to own heroes in the blockchain world and get free service from our platforms.



Allow users to feel the spirit of a true hero during experiencing Balto’s will, bravery, effort and dedication in the environment he was in.



BaltoLuck is a decentralized game set. Even though games are small, users will get a great chance to be millionaires.


The echosystem consists of two tokens, CryptoBalto that is a utility token and UncleBoris that is a memecoin.


CryptoBalto is a utility token for the users of CryptoBalto Finance.

$BALTO will be used as a native token on all the DApps. $BALTO holders will get beneficial conditions for fees and do also have the chance to get free service.

$BALTO is designed to automatically boost its price while working organically with all CryptoBalto.FInance services.

In this way, CryptoBalto will protect its users from the fluctuations and risks that exist in the cryptocurrency world.


UncleBoris is a MEME token with the purpose of taking care of $BALTO.

$BORIS holders will get redistribution rewards in $BALTO through its automatic buyback feature. This buyback feature is not like others normal buyback features, it is designed based on an accurate mathematic formula to boost its own price and $BALTO's price.

Therefore, $BORIS holders can earn profits just by holding UncleBoris tokens and are also rewarded with the $BALTO token.

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CryptoBalto - 0xB37BB601005cD5C2FCd4ea526dba0f67f28F7C6B / UncleBoris - 0xF9f56E131bb5745e768C8E6092037d139f38B23F



Boris is a plain and simple utility token. It has no slippage.


There is a 5 % tax on all $BORIS transactions. 3 % goes to buy $BALTO. Those $BALTOS get burned. 1 % goes to to distribute $BORIS to all holders and 1 % goes to marketing.

When investigating the tokenomics, it was only one thing that struck my mind. Why are there no team tokens? When i asked the dev team about this, they replied that they felt team tokens was unfair and that they will rely on the revenue generated through their DApps(trading fees , NFT sales etc). It seams like they aim to live up to Baltos heroism.


CryptoBalto - 0xB37BB601005cD5C2FCd4ea526dba0f67f28F7C6B

This contract is a fork of Cake and it is very similar to the cake contract, including the delegate functions etc - which makes it able to become a governance token or a DAO.

One thing they have added is a blacklist function. This is used to prevent bots from trading(which is very necessary for tokens without slippage since they are a paradise for frontrun bots). It brings a theoretical risk though and that risk consists of the fact that anyone can be disabled from trading, not only bots. However, the function is called one wallet adress a time so it would be a massive enterprise to blacklist the majority of the holders, turning it into a honeypot.

Blacklist functionality is very common nowadays - but that dosent mean that it is completely safe.

UncleBoris - 0xF9f56E131bb5745e768C8E6092037d139f38B23F

This contract is a fork of Everrise. It also has the blacklist function mentioned above. It also has fees(for rewards, buyback etc) and those can be edited to whatever. We recommend that there is a limit, so that the fees cant be set so high that they basically disable trading. As default, there are no limits, and most popular contracts that gets forked dont have them.

Comments: The code is well written and does what it should. There are two issues related to ownership rights(blacklist and changeable fees). Both of them are very usual. They arent in themselves fishy, but can be used for malicious intent by a bad actor. The main members of the team being doxxed, and the overall seriousness of this projects, are strong indicators of safety.



They have a marketing manager and are focusing on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and paid ads at poocoin among others.

Roadmap 04/21-08/21

Roadmap 11/21-22

Comments: This project have been ongoing since april. The common thing is to start with marketing and token launch and then start focusing on development, while the opposite is true in this case. They have developed a lot already and the start might be explosive.  Their marketing efforts are focused on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and paid ads at poocoin among others.


The CryptoBalto team

The CryptoBalto team is big and they have worked on this project for 6 months. They have been focusing on the tech side and just recently started to focus on marketing.

The main members of the team have doxxed to us, but remain publically anonomous for now.

Audit Result

Token symbol:

$Balto & $Boris

Audit type:

Full Audit

Audit status:


This token passes our audit. The code have a blacklist function and changeable fees, however, since they dont even have team tokens, its not much they could do to exploit those functions, even in a bad actor scenario. The fact that they also invested a lot of time and money into development, and have a business model where the revenue will come from DApp fees, NFT sales etc rather than token sales, also indicates that this is a honest team. The main team members having doxxed to us further contributes to this indication.

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