What they say:

DarkMAGICK is a turn based RPG with NFT rewards. $DMGK is the in-game currency that will be used to buy items and characters on the in-game marketplace. Token amounts will be used to determine certain game access, like entering certain guilds, moving passed levels, and entry into tournaments.

Full Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

What is MAGICK?

d. Magick is the art of manifesting subconscious thoughts into reality.

related: DarkMagick is a kick ass turn-based rpg with awesome NFT rewards. See below.

Staking & Auto-Yield

Stake your tokens and earn more $DMGK with the release of our in-game magickal staking pools.

Hodlers of our magickal $DMGK token will always be rewarded with stable BUSD. Bull or bear market, you will keep gaining stable coins to continue your investment growth.

NFT Gaming

A story-driven RPG. A turn-based magickal adventure.

We are building a full story mode turn-based RPG with in-game NFT rewards, token battles, PvP and a bunch of other cool goodies.

In DarkMAGICK, players are able to:

Play through an immersive turn-based story mode

Create your own unique NFT hero

Enhance NFT hero with items (weapons, magickal ability, clothes)

Fuse NFT items to create new/rarer/stronger itemsPlayer vs Player(PvP) battles for $DMGK and NFT

Top the Leadboard Ranking System

Earn $DMGK and NFT for defeating bosses

Find $DMGK and NFT in game via quests

Trade on in game marketplace to buy/sell/trade Heroes and Items

Stake $DMGK and NFTs to earn directly in game

Comments: P2E gaming is growing at an insane speed. As a reference point, the biggest P2E game, Axie Infinity, had a price of 3 dollars per token in june this year. It currently trades for 127 dollars and shows no sign of slowing down. That the P2E industry is mooning is of course not a guarantee that all P2E games will moon - and since the DarkMAGICK game hasn´t launched yet, we can´t evaluate the gameplay. What we can analyze is the concept and structure, and these looks really promising.

They have just launched a web version of the character creation part of the game so that people can test it and play around with it, feel free to try it out here




Supply & Distribution

The total supply is 40,000,000, and it is distributed as follows:

Liquidity + Public Sale : 21,000,000 (52.5%)

Staking / Gaming Rewards : 10,000,000 (25%)

Expenses(cex, listings, etc): 2,000,000 (5%)

Marketing : 2,000,000 (5%)

Team Wallet : 2,000,000 (5%)

Private Sale : 2,000,000 (5%)

Future Game development : 1,000,000 (2.5%)

Comments: It is a very reasonable and well thought through token distribution. We often have remarks related to token distribution but this is textbook perfect in our opinion.

LP tokens/Liquidity

100 % of the LP tokens will be locked for 6 months. Since the token hasn't launched yet, we cannot verify if this is true or not. When the presale begins at Pinksale, you will be able to transparently see all relevant data related to LP. If you are reading this post launch, ask the devs for proof of locked liquidity and they will be able to supply you with a link to the LP token locker that shows all relevant data.


There is a 6 % tax on all transactions, 2% BUSD reward, 2% Liquidity and 2% Marketing

There are also some transaction related features, namely:

1 % max buy

1 % max wallet

0.5 % max sell

buy tax can be turned on/off

Comments: A pretty low slippage which we believe is beneficial long term, and it wont scare away big buyers. The features related to max/min buy are also sound. They prevent anyone from becoming a whale with the 1 % max wallet function(or rather complicates it since the whale needs to use multiple wallets) and the max 0.5 % sell makes downside volatility less dramatic.


The code is well written and does what it should do. Below we showcase and explain what we found that is worth knowing as an investor. Do note that this contract was edited due to our feedback, which is a great sign. What you see below is our feedback on the first contract, and in the bottom of this section, you see the feedback on the current contract.


They have a blacklist function, as seen above. This means that they can disable any wallet adress from trading the token. The reason for the blacklist function is to block bots - which is a positive thing. However, bad actors can exploit such a function by illegimately disabling random investors from trading. This is done one adress a time so its not really possible to do a "honeypot" of it, disabling everyone from trading. This is a very common function and weither its risky or not depends solely on the context - the trust and credibility of the dev team. In this case, they are doxxed and have already put a lot of work into the development, so we see this as a very minor issue.

Changeable fees

This contract have changeable fees and so do most contracts. This enabled the dev to change the fees related to the slippage, in this case related to BUSD rewards, liquidity and marketing. Usually, there is no limit, so that a bad actor dev can set those fees sky high, basically disabling trading. In this case, they have max cap fees for liquidity and marketing. They are both currently 2 % and can be changed, but never to more then 6 %. This is very good in terms of safety.

However, for the BUSDRewardsfee, there is no maxcap, but a mincap - meaning that the fee, that currently is 2 %, can be changed to whatever, as long as it is 1 % or more. Its positive that they cant remove the busd rewards, but we would prefer if there was a max fee too - to make it theoretically impossible to use this function to disable trading.

After our feedback

DarkMAGICK deployed a new contract, acting on all feedback we provided above. The current version of the contract is flawless.



Their marketing strategy consists of telegram shilling, Reddit marketing, a specific banner ad strategy and to get the token trending on multiple on multiple sites. This is a very typical marketing strategy and its hard to evaluate cause it all comes down to execution. We know that the person handling marketing has a good reputition as a skilled crypto marketeer.

The time this is written, 17/10-21, they had about 1000 TG members and 200 followers on twitter. It seams like they are growing organically and have been focusing on organic rather than paid marketing thus far. And no signs of bots(which most tokens have in their TGs to bump up the numbers). They havent even launched the tokens yet and still, they have attained a MVP for their NFT hero minting application, currently on testnet - so there is a lot of marketing friendly material to come.

Below is the roadmap for the NFT and P2E game itself

And here is the roadmap for the token on a macro level:

The roadmap seams well thought through and realistic. In the end, all comes down to how fun the game is to play and how successfull they are at growing the amount of players.




Ron  - Web Developer -  "Hello I am Ron  & Co-Founder of DarkMagick.  Im a serial learner and Full Stack Web Developer for 5 years. I  became very interested in the possibilities of blockchain technology when I got into the crypto space in 2016. I have since then been putting together my ideas to bring something creative and innovative to the blockchain space. I enjoy working with React, Smart Contracts, Web3.js and other blockchain related technologies. I pride myself on my creative approach to projects and how I am able to take an idea from a concept to a full market product."

Rons Linkedin profile

Nolan - Blockchain Engineer - "Hey! I am Nolan better known as my alias, @devtestingstuff. I am an analytical self-taught Blockchain Developer going on my 6th year in the blockchain space. Some of the clients I have worked with include Chainlink, QTUM, and NEAR Protocol where I have implemented solutions ranging from smart contracts to dAPPs to oracle integrations. I enjoy working with new technologies in the crypto/blockchain space and bringing the Web3 revolution to the masses! At DarkMAGICK, I am the co-founder and contribute on all parts of the tech stack."

Nolans Linkedin profile

Wizard - Marketing Director - "Hello I'm Wizard, I've been doing digital marketing for 4 years now. I originally started with Instagram and grew myself a network of over 700k followers on the platform. In more recent years I have begun looking into cryptocurrency and focused in on the BSC market, eventually building a name for myself as a successful project marketer. At the time of writing this, I have worked with around 200 different projects on their marketing. I will be holding marketing decisions for Dark Magick - managing marketing funds and ensuring that they are used as effectively as possible to increase exposure!"

They have a company - DarkMagick Gamez Ltd Co, that is pending registration in South Carolina, USA.

Audit Result

Token symbol:


Audit type:

Full Audit

Audit status:


This token passes our audit. The graphics and theme look great, the tokenomics are good and the team is fully doxxed with a company registered already. The roadmap seams well thought through and realistic. In the end, it all comes down to how fun the game is to play and how successful they are at growing the amount of players - but P2E is very hot right now and a lot of the early capital will most likely be of a pure speculative nature. The marketing is hard to evaluate - what they do is orthodox(on a macro level) and how efficient it will be all comes down to execution. Their CMO seams to be experienced and skilled though. Relating to the code - we identified two minor theoretical risks. We evaluate safety from a holistic level. Since the project seams very serious and the devs are doxxed, we consider the risk of the devs leveraging those function for bad purposes to be very low.

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