Duck Token

Duck Token

What they say:

Meme Powered Charity Token To Make Money While You Sleep. Made on the Binance Smart Chain, you can buy and sell these in seconds while being 100% secure.

Basic Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

Duck token is a deflationary token a la Safemoon with one difference being that the transaction fee is lower. It sits at 6 % out of which 3 % goes to reflection while the other 3 % goes to liquidity. However, Duck Token isn’t just a memecoin, they also aim to do donation to the give a duck foundation which is a childrens cancer charity. Duck token has a supply of 1000 trillion and aims to be entirely community driven. The liquidity Is locked and the ownership has been renounced.




Duck tokens are a deflationary currency, so supply continually decreases. With a 6% transaction fee, here are the incentives to spread the use of Duck:

3% Given to Holders

3% of every transaction is automatically distributed to holders. This increases the individual net-worth of everyone who holds Duck tokens. The more people that use Duck tokens, the more passive income you earn.

3% Added to Liquidity

The remaining 3% transaction fee is added to liquidity, creating an increasing price floor. This also reduces the impact of selling, ensuring a smooth trading experience.


Charity Donation Wallet: 0x1DD3A539Ff904f2594FF0817785F5fAe133198ae

The Give A Duck Foundation is a children’s cancer charity, supporting local children who have been diagnosed with cancer.


The code is, as it usually is with deflationary memecoins, a fork of Safemoon, a very well tested contract to say the least. We did find one anomalie in the code. It was a function called ClaimTokens that was both original and a bit unorthodox.

This function enables the contract creator to, when the function is called, collect all the BNBs from the contract. However, there shouldn’t be more than scraps on it – and, most important in this case – the ownership is renounced so no functions can be called. Our conclusion is that the code most likely is safe and that it doesn’t contain any rug features. The code passes our audit.


The biggest wallet is the one containing the pancakeswap supply. There are no team tokens that were received from the contract creator. However, there are some whales. The biggest wallets contain more than 4 % and the top 10 wallets combined(pcs wallet excluded) contains 29.4 % of the supply. This means that there are several holders than single handedly can have a significant impact on the price if one of them drop their bags. However – this is completely normal at this stage of a tokens life cycle. The market cap is only 38 000 dollars. Being early always brings the most potential, and then of course also comes with some risks.



Audit Result

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Audit type:

Basic Audit

Audit status:


There is nothing alarming with the code and the token distribution comes with a risk but is very common and natural when taken into the consideration which phase the duck token is in at the moment of this audit.

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