What they say:

By building public charging stations, E-Star will simplify access and ease range concerns. Additionally, E-Star allows you to plan specific "charging parks". When you join the E-Star App, you will have access to a secure payment system and the ability to find specific stations more efficiently.

Full Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

E-Star Charging Systems is a next generation technology project which combines the transactional benefits of a cryptocurrency running on the BSC, efficient and sustainable electric vehicle charging solutions.

Together with our investors, E-Star´s vision is to provide EV charging service with our own stations, which is going to be installed all around the world in different business places like supermarkets, shopping centers, public parkings, gas stations, etc focusing in the Europe market at first. $ESC.

Since it is be to be expected that classical gas stations for gasoline engines will no more be used in the very close future, it is a big goal of E-star to develop sustainable loading parks.

The EU Commission plans to ban all internal combustion engines in 2035 as part of a far-reaching plan. As far as the Federal Office for the Environment knows, being an automobile center in the heart of Europe causes a 22% increase in greenhouse gas emissions or 9,7 tonnes per person.

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There is a 12 % tax on all transactions. The tax is distributed as follows

4% goes to the LP

4% goes to rewards in USDT

4% goes to the project fund(Marketing, EV charging stations, development, etc)


In this section of the audit, we analyze all code and look for potential exploits and areas of improvement. We do not give guarantees that all logic and math ads up, testing is the most time efficient way to make sure that it does.

We identified three things of low-medium severity;

Function: Is_blacklisted: This function, when called upon, can stop an address from being able to trade (both buy and sell) the token. However, this is a very common function and the main purpose is to disable bots from trading. This function could theoretically be used with malicious intent.

Function: The contract has anti bot features. Those anti bot features are developed by PinkSale, and the code itself isn’t possible to read. We see no risk of malicious intent with this function, but it might be a risk that this function stops working if PinkSale broke for example. There is however a possibility to switch of this function, if that should be the case.

Function: Changeable fees. The fees related to marketing, rewards and liquidity can be set to whatever, there are no limitations. This is the case for most contracts. Theoretically, the fees can be set so high that trading becomes impossible.

Comments: The potential risks with this contract all relate to ownership rights. So to evaluate if this token is safe or not, one need to evaluate the team and their trustworthiness. In this particular case, the team is doxxed and has a serious business plan. That is of course not a guarantee for safety - but a strong indicator.


Total supply: 1 000 000 000

Private Sale, 10 %, 100 000 000

Public presale, 8 %, 80 000 000

Pancakeswap LP- 5.6%, 56 000 000

Marketing 3 %, 30 000 000

Operations 5 %, 50 000 000

Strategic partnerships 2 %, 20 000 000

Development 5 %, 50 000 000

The tokens below will be locked 1 year and vested

Listing at CEX 1 10 %

Listing at CEX 2 10 %

Listing at CEX 3 10 %

Staking rewards 10 %

Pool for adding liquidity at later occasions 22.4 %


A pretty big part of the supply is locked long term and set "outside the market". The reason for this is the long term ambitions and the aggressive growth plan with multiple CEX listings planned.

There is also a private sale that is bigger than the presale. However, the private sale had the same price as the public presale, so there is no reason for an early dump from them. Some of the money raised in the presale will also be used to buy and burn tokens.

LP tokens

The LP tokens will be locked 1 month. The team intended to lock them longer but took our advice on not having them locked for longer than 1 month to begin with. The reason for this is that one want to be able to migrate to a new contract if something breaks or doesn’t work as intended. This is very rare, but if it happens, it won’t be good for investors if their funds are locked up to 999 years.

After month 1, we recommend that one lock the LP tokens 3 month at a time. Why not 999 years? Because that won’t be pretty when pancakeswap v3 arrives, or if they want to migrate to another contract in the future, for reasons not known now.


E-Star has a nice looking website (see it for yourself) and some nice video content featuring team members, such as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P09A9fBOtAM.

Their TG, as of hours before launch, already has 3000 members.

Their Twitter already has almost 2 K followers.

E-Star has invested a lot in marketing and works with a crypto marketing consultant with a great track record. This guy also have an upcoming token of his own; https://ridgebackinu.com/

The main focus will be on guerilla marketing, paid adverts, contests and Reddit - and they will also do Youtube videos with influencers, conferences and AMA’s.

Comments: The marketing looks solid and they cooperate with an experienced crypto marketer that has been involved in multiple successful tokens. As with everything, this is not a guarantee for success, but our conclusion is that the marketing looks very promising.


Stavian Yankov, CEO and Co-Founder

I have had experience working within a legal setting over Europe and have built a strong understanding for both legal and corporate systems through my study and more general experiences. I’ve been actively involved in the crypto marrket for almost half a decade and this, combined with my previous involvement with crypto projects, has sparked my interest in how to best use crypto for a project that can actually survive and have a real life use case"

Alexander Reuter, COO

  Alexander experience in managing Harley Davidson events in the automotive world.

Schahin Ghazanfari, CMO

               Schahin has an extensive marketing experience from the music industry

Sebastián Schregardus, CFO

Sebastián owns the company S-IMATIC who writes algorithms for well known banks such as Fortis Bank, ING and more

Audit Result

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Full Audit

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This token passes our audit. The team is doxxed, they are assisted by a very good marketing consultant and have a really interesting business case.

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