George Floyd Token

George Floyd Token

What they say:

Mixing crypto with charity. Promoting anti-racism and justice via a charity mechanism on the binance smart chain

Basic Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

$FLOYD is a charity token that focuses on racial inequality and injustice. It can be swapped on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with each transaction contributing to the charity wallet. They will do a stealth launch soon and have huge plans, listing on a CEX being one of them.




The supply of the token is 48 600 000 and each transaction comes with a 10 % slippage. The slippage is divided as follows:

6 % goes to a charity wallet

2 % is distributed to all holders

2 % goes to liquidity

They will also do manual burns every month.

Team wallet and marketing wallets are locked for 10 weeks with 10 % being unlocked per week.


The token haven’t launched yet but all the liquidity will be locked for 1 month for starters, to make sure everything works as intended. They planned to do it 1 year straight ahead but we advised them to start like this, cause if some error or bug should occur, youre rather in a position where you can fork in 1 month than 12 months. After a month, the LP tokens will be locked for 1 year.


The code is a Safemoon fork and is safe and well written. When we did the audit, we found a critical exploit;

This piace of code basically meant that anybody could burn anyones tokens(note that the function is set as public). After our input, the code was edited. The parts of the code that refers to burn have been removed and burn will be handled manually instead.

The new contract is to be found here: (not that it is on the testcase since the tokens haven’t been launched yet for the duration of this audit)

And since the new contract is the same as the previous one, but with the critical exploit removed – there is nothing more we found that is worth mentioning.

Updated: Final contract can be found here:


Since this token haven’t launched yet, this section is based on information from the dev.

He have informed us that there will be a 5 % dev wallet, a 15 % marketing wallet and the remaining 80 % will be for liquidity.



Audit Result

Token symbol:


Audit type:

Basic Audit

Audit status:


Result: This token passes our audit. We did initially find a critical exploit in the code but it was corrected. Keep in mind that this token passes the audit based on the information we received since the token hadn’t been launched for the duration of this audit.

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