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What they say:

Welcome to $LOUD! $LOUD is the BSC token underpinning Loud Market - the first ever targeted audio and music NFT marketplace. Loud Market is designed to empower artists through easily allowing them to sell their work directly to fans! Loud Market is turning your music into liquid assets through the power of NFT technology!

Full Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

$LOUD is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token built to support Loud Market’s NFT Marketplace. This platform has been created to empower musicians and artists in selling their work as NFTs instantly, at fair prices with no hidden fees! Our platform gives artists the opportunity to promote their media and create another source of income in the form of instant cryptocurrency payments.


NFTs can be listed at a single sale price or sold through auction. Additionally, artists can include a “Royalty fee” guaranteeing them a percentage of all future sales. $LOUD tokens will be accepted as payment by the content creators, musicians and artists, and! Content creators will be subject to small BNB fees when creating (“minting”) NFTs which is a requirement when performing any function on the BSC.


0% Fees on NFT Sales

Marketing opportunities and proposals for artists

Agent opportunities

Built-in Royalty features

Sell your sound, audio and music for cryptocurrency

Big expansion planned for LOUD with new features




On every transaction, there is a transaction fee at 6 %,it goes to buy BUSD and then distributes as follows:

2% - redistribution to all holders

2 % - marketing wallet

1 % - liquidity

1 % - buyback function


This is a fork of the BabyCake contract. It does what it should and is well written. We identified the following sources of exploits:

Blacklist –Adresses can be blacklisted and excluded from buying/selling. Used to blacklist bots but can be misused as an exploit.



   function blacklistAddress(address account,bool value) external onlyOwner{

       _isBlacklisted[account] = value;


Setfees –The fees for rewards, liquidity and marketing can be changed without limit,this means that they could be set to a very high number, basically disabling trading.

Line 180-196




   function setBUSDRewardsFee(uint256 value)external onlyOwner{

       BUSDRewardsFee = value;

       totalFees =BUSDRewardsFee.add(liquidityFee).add(marketingFee);



   function setLiquiditFee(uint256 value)external onlyOwner{

       liquidityFee = value;

       totalFees =BUSDRewardsFee.add(liquidityFee).add(marketingFee);



   function setMarketingFee(uint256_marketingFee, uint256 _buyBackDivisor) external onlyOwner{

       require(_marketingFee >_buyBackDivisor);

       marketingFee = _marketingFee;

       buyBackDivisor = _buyBackDivisor;

       totalFees =BUSDRewardsFee.add(liquidityFee).add(marketingFee);




The total supply is 100 000 000

7 500 000(7,5 %) – team funds

2 500 000(2,5 %) – marketing funds

6 200 000(6,2 %) – private sale airdrops

41 900 000(41.9 %) – presale(41,900 tokens per BNB)

41 900 000(41.9 %) – liquidity at pancakeswap, 50 % of the presale BNBs will go to liquidity. This is low compared to the average memecoin but makes sense if there is an actual business. In this case, there is a company behindthe token and they will have expenses for salaries, offices, business travels etc. 500 BNBs will be used for this, while 500 BNBs will go to LP.  

LP tokens:


LP tokens are “keys” you get when you provide liquidity. With those, you can access the liquidity(the BNBs and tokens at pancakeswap). If those aren’tlocked, the BNBs can be removed from the liquidity – which would make a token worthless. To remove all BNBs, you need to hold 100 % of the LP tokens. If you hold 5 % of the LP tokens, you can remove 5 % of the BNBs from pancakeswap.

In this case, the token haven’t launched yet – so the information here is what is provided by the Loud NFT team. They told us that they will do a presale round with a 1000 BNB hardcap, and use 50 %(500 BNB) for the LP – and that those will be locked for 5 years.



Twitter promotions


Coin websites

Major milestones set for the near future


V2 of BETAplatform release





James Gray– CEO (Chief Executive Officer), @JamesLoud(TG handle)

Hello andwelcome to Loud Market! I’m James, the CEO of Loud Market Ltd. I am a Law graduate from the University of Bristol, currently living in London, England. I have had experience working within a legal setting in both Singapore and the UK and have built a strong understanding both legal and corporate systems through my study and more general experiences. I’ve been actively involved in thecrypto markets for almost half a decade and this, combined with my previous involvement with music artists, has sparked my interest in how to best optimise music engagement for artists and fans through NFT technology. My role in the business is that of a CEO – I determine the direction of the business asa whole and lead talks about long term strategy with the other directors. I,alongside the other directors, take responsibility for the performance, and results of the business and the token. If you want to hear any more from me about my personal life or about Loud Market, I am always active on the Loud Market telegram group. Alternatively, feel free to contact me directly with any enquiries at James@loudnft.co

ThomasWhitten-Morgan – CIO (Chief Information Officer), @loudnft(TG handle)

Hey I'm Tom- Welcome! I'm the CIO of Loud Market Ltd. I have been interested in coding and development from an early age, having learnt HTML, PHP and CSS at 11 years old,then moving onto SQL databases and creating retros of my favourite online games. My skills transgressed into learning to code and develop websites fluently, ethical hacking before gaining my qualifications in Cyber Security.This whole journey has led me to build up a great network of developers, coders and other individuals required to build projects like Loud Market. My role inLoud Market Ltd is that of managing the individuals responsible for building our networks and systems, and creating the bridge between the technical workers and the business side of the company. I am excited to put my wealth of experience to work for the token holders and the company. Bring on Loud!

Wizard -Marketing & PR Director

Hey, I'm Wizard. I'm the marketing director at Loud Market Ltd! I've been doing digital marketing for 4 years now. I originally started with Instagram and grew myself a network of over 700k followers on the platform. In more recent years I have begun looking into cryptocurrency and focused in on the BSC market, eventually building a name for myself as a successful project marketer. At the time of writing this, I have worked with around 200 different projects on their marketing. Throughout this I have gotten myself lots of connections with great people, including James and Thomas. I will be holding the majority of the marketing decisions for Loud Market - managing marketing funds and ensuring that they are used as effectively as possible to increase exposure for LoudMarket! You can always contact me with marketing proposals at:wizard@loudnft.co

Audit Result

Token symbol:


Audit type:

Full Audit

Audit status:


This token passes our audit. We did find some sources for potential exploits in the contract, however, those were all OnlyOwner functions and we dont believe that the token founders are bad artists. They are public and also have a company registered already; Loud Market Ltd which is a strong sign of longevity and ambition. They do also have a really cool and exciting concept and its not hard to see this really take off if the execution is good. As always, ape with caution, dont invest your life savings - the audit is not financial advice

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