Megabinance Token

Megabinance Token

What they say:

The first element of the MEGABinance ecosystem. MEGABNB is a $BNB reflection token which automatically rewards holders with attractive BNB dividends. Earn passive and stable income in $BNB. The well known currency of the Binance universe. Created by Binance and trusted by millions.

Basic Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

“Megabinance Token The first automated BNB reflection tokenthat does not rely on trust"

The MEGABinance team shares a set of thoughts and principles that urge us to design investment vehicles with our investorssecurity and satisfaction at its core. BSC tokens are going to change forever.With a codebase that was designed from the ground up to provide a dividendsystem that works regardless of trust for any involved party.

·      Team cannot rug the project

·     Smart tokenomics avoid intentionalprice manipulation

·     Hardcoded security mechanisms cannotbe changed after deployment

·     One of many tokens to come withshared values and mechanics “




There is a 15 % tax on all transaction. The tax isdistributed as follows:

10 % goes to BNB reflections

3 % goes to marketing

2 % goes to liquidity


Another thing that is worth mentioning is that Megabinance has a price manipulation avoidance dynamic based on the following:

·     Max. transaction limits avoid whale activity and huge price fluctuations caused by volume. Not more then 0.5 % of the supply can besold in one single transaction

·     Max. transaction limits cannot be changed after deployment. Transaction limits are set forever!

·     Max. wallet sizes avoid existence of whale wallets (nowallet can hold more then 2 % of the supply)

·     Transaction cooldown timers are set to use blocktimestamps to ensure correct enforcement

·     Cooldown cannot be disabled or changed after deployment. Cooldown is set forever! Cooldown is 10 seconds.


Contract address: 0x9164106de42d29a5fc12ff5a7de1b567ae1432b0

Code is well written. We found one bug and one inefficient factor.

The bug: uint256 marketingTokens =contractTokenBalance.mul(marketingFee).div(totalFees);

If fees are set to 0, the contract will try to divide by0, which isn’t possible. If this is done, it might brake the contract. We have informed the dev about this and they wont ever set the fee to zero. This is nota source of exploit since no one could either sell or buy if this were done. Andif the fees are never set to 0, this will never be a problem.

The inefficient factor: // use by default 500,000 gasto process auto-claiming dividends

   uint256public gasForProcessing = 500000;

The gas for processing is pretty high.

This has now, due to our feedback, been changed - it is currently 300000


The total supply is 100 billion tokens(100 000 000 000)

Team tokens: 10 % out of the whole supply;10 000 000 000 tokens*

The remaining tokens will be dedicated to the presale and pancakeswap. The presale will have a hard cap at 100 BNB and a soft cap at 50 BNB. 75 % out of the raised BNBs will go to liquidity.

If the hard cap isn’t reached, the tokens not purchased in the presale will be burnt.

*Those tokens can never be sold. They are hardcoded as locked in the contract. However, these 10 % qualifies for reflection – and it is this BNB reflection that will be used for growing the project, paying for marketing and salaries etc. 3 % of the transaction tax also goes to a marketing wallet.

Here is proof of failed transactions where the devhave tried to sell tokens:





Audit Result

Token symbol:


Audit type:

Basic Audit

Audit status:


This token passes our audit. However, since this audit is done before launch, we can not guarantee that the information we have received related to token distribution and LP lock is correct. We have no reason to doubt the devs, but always do your own research. When the presale launches, check the holders list at bscscan to verify this information: During the presale period, 90 % of the tokens should be located in a smart contract holder, which then are distributed to the presale participants and the LP at pancakeswap. When the presale launches, information about how long the liquidity is locked will also be shown at the platform. If you read this post presale, ask the dev for information about the locked liquidity.

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