Project: One Whale

Project: One Whale

What they say:

Project: One Whale is a revolutionary revenue generating reflection token that gives holders limitless passive income.

Full Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

A Token with a Purpose

"Project: One Whale was initiated to provide ordinary traders with a token designed to be a source of real and lasting passive income. We want to be known as the most successful token in the Binance Smart Chain through our innovative usecase and amazing community.

At POW, it is our goal that no holder will be left behind. The whole community will be provided with tools to make their money grow even further. We intend to grow rich together as a community, and we can accomplish this only as a community, as ONE WHALE."

The token's purpose is to use a portion of tx fees to invest in other schemes such as newly launched coins, forex, or futures trading, which the profits will then be used to buyback POW tokens.

Comments: Its an interesting concept, where the token functions a bit like a memecoin/altcoin/forex fund - where the profit is used to buy and burn tokens to directly impact the price.






Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

30 %, 500 000 000 000 000 tokens, will be burned at launch

20 % "secret". Locked about a week. The purpose of those tokens will be revieled during the first week post the launch.

10 % are dedicated to a private sale

23.33 % dedicated to public presale

11,43 % dedicated to liquidity

3 % are team tokens, which are vested. 25 % of them unlocks each month, and after 4 months, all team tokens are released

Comments: It worth to keep in mind that when tokens are burned at launch, it dwarfs the other numbers in terms of their % part of the total circulating supply. Sometimes this is made to dwarf team wallets, so that it for example says 10 % on bscscan when its actually 20 % of the circulating supply. This isnt the case here. Neither 3 or 6 % team tokens are much.

Transaction fees

There is a 15 % tax on every transaction, and it is distributed as follows;

2% goes to liquidity

2 % goes to buy back

8 % goes to reflection

3 % goes to marketing


The code is a fork of Olympus token. The code is well written. We didnt find any sources of exploits.

One thing to note though:  They have the concept of "Authorizations" which allows people other than the owner to make critical changes.  This can be very risky to distribute this to many people.  They can set tx limits, exemptions from fees, etc, but there are limits in place to prevent them from breaking the contract.

However, as seen above, the authorize function is a owner only function, meaning that only the dev wallet can authorize other adresses, and the dev have informed us that this wont happen(and we see no reason to question this).



The marketing strategy will be focused around word of mouth, shilling, alliances with telegram groups and frequent posts at reddit, twitter and Facebook.

Comments: They are choosing a organic marketing tactics and that is visible. no bots sighted in their TG group but 300+ real members. I would assume that the early success of Project: One Whale will depend of the support it gets from the QML and TSP groups, that both are supporting the project.



>  Project Conceptualization and Initial Whitepaper Release

>  Launch of Website and Social Media Account Creation

> Initial AMA

> Strategic Partnership and Alliances

>  Private Presale, Whitelisting, and Public Presale via Pinksale

>  Launch of POW Token

>  Initial Marketing Push

>  Apply for CG and CMC Listings

> Commence Investment Process and Prepare Audit Reports for Each Transaction


> Conduct Regular AMAs for Old and New Investors

> Extensive Marketing Push in all Social Media Platforms and Financial News Content Providers

> Expansion of Team (Admin/Staff, Developers, Professional Traders)

>  Extension of Website and Branding

> Contract Audit (Third Party Auditing firm to be determined)


>  Launch of Windows DAPPs (Portfolio Tracker and POW Wallet)

>   Launch of VIP Signals and Copy Trading Services, and Trading Bots  Service  for POW holders

>   Launch of Android App

>   Launch of iOS App


>   Introduction and Launch of The Whale Tank  Business Incubator

>  Creation of POW Launchpad for POW-backed Tokens

Comments: The roadmap looks impressive and phase 3 and 4 looks very interesting. If POW have a successful early period and succeeds to make it past the first critical month or so, i can see the project increasing a lot in value as they implement the bigger plans in their later roadmap phases.


The POW team is composed of 9 people with different backgrounds, below are some examples:

A businessman with 20 years of experience in military and police equipment trading, agriculture, logistics, construction and  management

A solidity developer with 2 years of experience coding smart contracts

3 marketing and PR experts

4 crypto and forex trading experts

All of them have a vast experience in crypto trading

Comments: Looks like a strong line up. Its wasnt possible for us to verify this information though, due to the fact that the majority of the team members are anonymous. The CEO, Janzce, @Luffyluf have doxxed to us though - and have plans to become public later on.

Audit Result

Token symbol:


Audit type:

Full Audit

Audit status:


This token passes our audit. The tokenomics make sense and the concept is both original and promising. If they survive the early phase and executes on the later parts of their roadmap, we believe that this token has a lot of potential to gain significantly in price.

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