Scam or Gem Token

Scam or Gem Token

What they say:

Scam Or Gem is the first business driven DeFi token with actual utility and a proven lucrative business model. The revenue it generates will directly impact the price of the token.

Basic Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

This is a basic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics and the token distribution. Do note that a passed audit in no way shape or form guarantees that it is a safe or profitable investment – always do your own research. This audit is done prior to the launch, some information in it might be subject to change, mainly things related to presale performance. Do note that Scam or Gem is a token that partly is founded by the Rugbusters team. Therefore, we do understand that it’s a risk that this audit might be viewed as potentially biased – which is a viewpoint we respect and understand. However, realize that Rugbusters puts it’s name on the line to the same extent doing this audit as with all the other audits. To avoid bias, we choose to do a basic audit, so that this audit focuses strictly on facts and don’t evaluate potential (like a full audit does) since we understand that it’s impossible for us to be unbiased in this subject.

“Scam Or Gem is the first business driven DeFi token with actual utility and a proven lucrative business model. The revenue it generates will directly impact the price of the token.

The massive demand for exposure in the crypto market was the reason we created this token. This proven lucrative business model will have the customers pay for the services in $SGEM tokens, driving up the token price and most and foremost, bringing external money to the table.

It's not a zero sum game anymore - when the business is doing well - every holder is a winner just like in a traditional business. That is why we are proud to be the first "Business Driven" token. This isn't just cheap talk, the actual product, the marketing platform, is ready and there are already paying customers and a massive demand for it.

So let's buckle up and fasten our seatbelts, because we are all going to the moon and no one will be left behind.”




There is a 12 % fee on every transaction, and it is distributed as shown below

  📥 7% Goes To The Pump-N-Burn Wallet. (The Dragon Wallet)

   📥 3% goes To The Marketing Wallet

   📤 2% Goes To Rugbusters’ Buyback Wallet


As stated before, the code is made by our code auditor The. code is also reviewed by two other devs, and it is extensively tested. No flaws or bugs could be identified.

One theoretical risk however is that the wallets that receive the redistribution is accessible by the devs. There is therefore a theoretical risk that the devs use the funds for other things then they are aimed to be used for. The reason for having this set up, is due to the fact that the devs want to be able to decide when the buy & burn should happen for both SGEM and RB, so that it can happen on strategic occasions rather then automatically as every transaction occurs.


Total supply: 100 000 000 000

Pubic 24 %, 24 000 000 000 tokens

Private 10 %, 10 000 000 000 tokens

Seed 7,2 %, 7 200 000 000 tokens

PCS 18,8 %, 18 500 000 000 tokens

Operations = 10 % (hiring new team members), 10 000 000 000 tokens- will be locked 6 months & vested

Marketing/partnerships = 7,5 %, 7 500 000 000, will be locked 3 months & vested

Team = 15 %, 15 000 000 000 = 50 % will be locked 3 months & vested

Airdrops/rewards 7,5 % 7 500 000 000 - 50 % of it will be locked 3 months & vested

Compared to most memecoins, the allocation in control of the token team is bigger then usual. However, compared to utility tokens, it is smaller then usual.

The reason for this is that the platform itself isn’t very complex and doesn’t demand much staff for maintenance. However, sales, marketing and partnerships is critical for these kind of tokens/company’s and therefore it makes sense to have a bigger piece of the supply in the teams control. The tokens in control of the team being locked also removes the theoretical possibility of a team selling, that has a negative impact to the price.



Audit Result

Token symbol:


Audit type:

Basic Audit

Audit status:


There is nothing alarming with the code and this token passes our audit.

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