The Pablo Token

The Pablo Token

What they say:

The Pablo Token makes use of Deflationary and Redistribution mechanisms to mitigate the downward price volatility.

Full Audit

* Do Your Own Research. Investing in crypto assets is always risky. Not investment advice.
This is a full holistic audit. We evaluate the safety of the code, the tokenomics, the wallet distribution and the potential of the token, its originality and marketing strategy.

About the token

Pablo Token's vision is all about balance, with community outreach at the forefront. Those who decide to participate in the revolution of Pablo Token and become part of the community, are in turn participating to affect positive change across the globe. Pablo Token believes in 'Paying It Forward', therefore, Pablo Token will be periodically dropping rewards to token holders. Rewards will be dropped to randomly selected wallets.

Pablo Token has also implemented liquidity locking. Liquidity is locked in the Pablo Token pools for a certain period so that the network remains sustainable. This makes it more difficult for larger players to manipulate the price of the token, thus benefiting the token holders.

Pablo Token will integrate its own FaceLock wallet; This will make access to the crypto market easier and much more secure for everyone by removing the need to memorize a difficult seed phrase. Instead, you may opt to have our wallet memorize your face alongside a passphrase or password. Only you, will have secure and encrypted access to unlock your wallet. Our FaceLock Wallet is meant to be used in addition to cold storage and to better secure the crypto that you need to use everyday.

Being a member of the Pablo Token community allows you to participate in the platforms decision-making and to make suggestions regarding the general direction of the project using our forum. Pablo Token has created its own merchandise, will be minting its own NFT's, releasing its own games and much, much more! Welcome to the Pablo Token family!




2% - Reflexion/rewards. To be distributed equally amongst all holders of PABLO only on selling of PABLO tokens and not on wallet to wallet transfers.

2% - Burned.  Sent directly to the burn address as PABLO. This burn function will stop when total supply of PABLO = 100 trillion.  Tax will now total only 8% as of that point.

2% - Marketing.  This will be converted to BNB and then sent straight to the tax generated marketing wallet as PABLO.

2% - Charity - this will be converted to BNB and sent to a charity wallet as PABLO

2% - Liquidity pool - this will be sent directly to the liquidity pool.

1 % - Buyback – this will be converted to BNB and used to buy more Pablo and by doing so, supporting the chart


Contract: 0xc196E98F3D0c2e973A33B0f7768Ee501dec43350

No OnlyOwner functions, no burn or mint functions that can be called external to the contract. Transfers looks clean. Does certainly not seam exploitable.

The Pablo team got help with developing this contract and we do personally know the team who made it(Critical Roll guys) – and one of them have doxxed to us.


The wallet that holds most of the tokens are a DXlock wallet address. It contains tokens dedicated to burns(63 % of its content) and marketing(23 % of its content)

They are locked and vested as follows:

~25% locked 13 Aug 2021 no vesting

~16% locked 21 Sep 2021 10 times vesting

~50% 28 Jun 2022 10 times vesting

The second largest wallet is the pancakeswap supply.

The supply at pcs is pretty small in comparison to the whole token supply. That means that the price volatility will be high – which has both pros and cons; easier to pump, easier to dump.

There is also a theoretical risk for a “soft rug pull” where the team sells token to the extent that the BNBs from the LP are gone. However, they have been around for a while and had possibilities to do this – without doing it, and most and foremost, are publically doxxed, we do believe that this is an honest token and that it is safe in that regard.


They have current promotions held through their telegram and Instagram pages where they are giving away 1k a week worth of Pablo for Reddit posts as well as a free Tesla every month.  The first Tesla was drawn on June 5th!  The next Tesla draw will be on July 10th with official details being announced soon on how to enter.  And the first reddit winner happened last week second will be announced on Saturday.

There will also be a new contest running shortly for their community to post on Reddit and tell them what charity they want them to donate to for that that week.  

They are currently working with Smokepurpp, Ray Abruzzo and Merkules, you can see their videos on Pablotokens website.

They also have more marketing on the way shortly from other celebrities that will be helping their “pay it forward” and “Pablo makeover” programs.  

They have already worked with a number of youtubers, including a how to buy video from Torin Hoffman, and celebrities including Redman and David Hasslehoff for shoutouts as seen on their social accounts. More influencers/celebrity/sports personalities are already under contract but details are not released yet.


They are just about to be listed at hotbit for the duration of this audit.

They have secured a sponsorship for the smoke champs in Miami and they will be giving away another new Tesla and and a lambo during that event.

For the duration of this audit, Pablo token was listed at CoinGecko.

They have the Diaz Brothers from UFC on contract for a signed gloves giveaway and exclusive NFT for the future.

They are making a cinematic documentary focusing on a famous autistic boy in Vancouver Canada.

They have 3 scooters they will be giving away.

On top of the last PS5 giveaway, another PS5 will be given away soon.

They will have a luxury vacation package contest scheduled for this coming Christmas season.

A freestyle contest on Instagram and Tik Tok where the winners will get 2000k and an additional 2K for the charity of their choice. Additional prizes for the 2 runners up.

They are actively expanding their reach into South America and will be launching a Spanish language telegram channel, translated website and whitepaper in the near future with more international reach planned.

They have a face locked Pablo wallet in development that will give their users the ability to farm and stake PBLO tokens that will be released soon, back end development to start after migration is completed.  As well as upcoming NFT development including exclusive content from professional sports personality’s and celebrities. This NFT development will follow the wallet release.


Company Details

Mundial Enterprises Corp.

CEO - Mr Sukhvinder Singh Cheema

27 Paradise

Saint Thomas Parish, Nevis

Zip Code 00265

Saint Kitts Nevis

Phone Contact - 1-877-638-4784

Public Doxxed Team


Mahendra Panchal



Alfredo Valasco


Social channels:

Official website: (



Tik Tok:


Telegram group:

Audit Result

Token symbol:


Audit type:

Full Audit

Audit status:


This token have already performed extraordinary well and their marketing plan for the close future as well as the long term is awesome. The code is well written and the only potential flaw we found was edited when we provided feedback. The token supply on pancakeswap is pretty low compared to the total token supply. This means that the price volatility will be higher then it would have been with a bigger supply. This is a double edged sword. It is easier to increase the price a lot(compared to a higher supply at pcs), but the opposite is also true. It also has significant impact in terms of market cap(in that it will be much higher then if the pcs supply was larger) This token passes the audit and our conclusion is that it is safe and also have great potential in terms of price development.

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