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Crypto overview and day trading introduction

Day trading presents an opportunity for those who put in the time and effort to understand the market in which they are trading. This is no different for cryptocurrencies. Even more so, as this new industry has brought with it significant opportunity for day traders to profit from price discrepancies and movements that don’t exist in other, more mature markets.

Crypto basics 101 - Episode 1 - How to get started

Hi my name is Oscar Harding (baby boomer generation) Firstly welcome to new exciting world of digital currency, I would like to share my experience getting involved in crypto with you, and hopefully save you from as much stress and frustrations I experienced. I looked at getting involved in crypto a couple times, each time over last couple years I ended up just shacking my head and walking away, it only took 5min each time and I wanted to smash my phone and kick my computer. I done loads of google searches and nearly ever site seem to start with the premiss that me / you have a certain level of understanding and computer skills WT#, and then add all the new terminology , slang & acronyms etc, It was just too much to take in at once. I left it for a month or so each time and then decided I needed to work out what I actually need to understand to get started and go from there , I broke it down into bite size pieces, I hope this helps you as it helped me, and keep your blood pressure down lol. Enjoy the journey! it’s been worth it for me, please share your own journey / experience and issues you have had with me / us, here at full disclosure I own some coins, that’s a different story and ill get to that later. The simple key for me and hopefully for you is keep it simple, no rush, and if you feel a little irritated with the whole thing, take a break, have a cuppa 😊

How to buy $RUGBUST with your Trust Wallet or MetaMask

A video on how to buy $RUGBUST tokens with your Trust Wallet or MetaMask

How to enter a Pre-Sale at DxSale

Investing in your first Pre-Sale

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