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Rug Buster's Launchpad

Safe rug pull free launchpad, only vetted teams and tokens.


Welcome to the Rug Buster's Launchpad

Rug Buster's Launchpad is our safe, scam free, audited-only tokens launch heaven. We deliver scam free investment and promising opportunities with great chances of generating profit.

Anti Dump Pre-Sale
1% of all tokens supply go to Airdrops for $RUGBUST holders to incentivize volume, liquidity, and a safe and fair start. We analyze all the technical and financial stuff, token potential and the marketing strategy.

Doxxed by Rug Busters Team
All founders of the tokens that launches through the launchpad need to doxx themselves to Rug Busters team. That is the biggest safety measure that can be done.

Tested & Vetted by the community
We have already launched two safe tokens through our community – with real benefits for $RUGBUST holders and approved quality from our community.

Rug Buster's Shill Army
Its also possible to earn tokens if one is willing to do duty in the 100+ man and women strong $RUGBUST shill army, always ready to bring to the moon only the tokens that deserve it.


4th September 20h CET *Public Presale*

Scam Or Gem

Scam Or Gem is your One-Stop Shop platform when doing due diligence on different project you are interested to invest in. With useful information, tools and a community engaged to help people avoid scams. Scam Or Gem is powered and runned by the same team behind Rugbusters to help you do your own research in the crypto space. Scam Or Gem generates revenue through different advertising options on the platform and uses part of the revenue to buy more tokens.

$RUGBUST holder benefits:

Exclusive Seed Sale  - *Sold Out*
Free Exposure  

2% Tax from every transaction on Scam Or Gem is used to buy $RUGBUST tokens.


9th June 18h CET

Ol' Musky Token

The first real community driven smart chain with real-time price and Proof of Work wallet updates. We came to clean up and let you remember the good ol' values where true dedication and wits brings you guaranteed yield... in BNB!

RUGBUST holder benefits:
1% Airdrop for Corporal Rank and higher
5% cashback for Diamond Club Members


May, 22

Cosby Coin

$Cosby is a frictionless community-driven, 100% safe deflationary reflective farming protocol on BSC. $Cosby aims to provide a safe and free ecosystem where anyone can make money from holding the token. No hidden fees, no secret funds, and no rug-pulls.


RUGBUST Holders Benefits

We are giving away 12 BNB in Cosby tokens!

Buy 500 RUGBUST & 0.1 BNB Cosby in the pre-sale, get 0.1 BNBs worth of Cosby as bonus

Buy 1000 RUGBUST & 0.25 BNB Cosby in the pre-sale, get 0.25 BNBs worth of Cosby as bonus

Buy 2500 RUGBUST & 0.6 BNB Cosby in the pre-sale, get 0.6 BNBs worth Cosby as bonus

* Bonus will be paid out 24 hours after listing.


May, 5


Get ready for Rug Busters' first token listing: BlackJack is a transaction fee based coherent hazard, the more it trades, the higher the Jackpot. 1 winner every 24h!

Pre sale: 47000 BJ / BNB

RUGBUST holder benefits:
1% Airdrop for Corporal Rank and higher
5% discount for Major Rank